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How good are Low Cost Holidays?

low cost holidays promo codesLow Cost Holidays, also well-known as is a website that allows you to custom build and book your holiday online, allowing it to more closely fit your desired specifications, and reduce the cost by cutting out the middleman, which in most cases is the travel agent. Apart from the fact that there are always voucher codes available, there are three main reasons why I have used Low Cost Holidays a few times in the past 4 or 5 years, and why I will continue to do so in the future:

  • They are extremely competitively priced
  • You can customise your entire holiday to suit your needs
  • It is a lot more convenient than the traditional holiday booking process


Low Cost Holidays Vouchers

The fact that are based online means that like most online-based companies they do not have the expenses that other companies in the same industry have. In the case of Low Cost Holidays, their main competitors are travel agents such as Thomson, First Choice and Thomas Cook – all of which have costly overheads as they all have branches and staff on virtually every high street in the UK.

As a result of having considerably less business costs and overheads, Low Cost Holidays are able to offer exclusive web deals on all of their packages, including discounts, promo codes, late deals and many other special offers. If you like to complete your due dilligence before visitng a website, then their TrustPilot link can be found here.

low cost holidays voucher codes

The Low Cost Holidays Website

Due to the fact that they do not have specialist travel agents earning commission on everything they sell, you can be sure that if you book through their website you will not be pressured into unnecessary upgrades that you didn’t really want in the first place. This means that you can customise your holiday to suit your needs. Whether you want to book your flight and hotel together, or you would prefer to book your flight directly with the airline and just book a hotel with them allow you to do it your own way.

On the homepage you can choose where you want to go from, to and how long for. The search facility will then show you all of the flights available in that range. Once you find one that you’re happy with you can continue to choose from a large selection of available hotels and at the checkout process add a promotional code to immediately save money on your booking.


The convenience of booking a holiday online cannot be beaten in my opinion, and Low Cost Holidays make this a very pleasant experience. The neutral colours on their website make it pleasing on the eye, and unlike many other travel agent and holiday comparison websites you aren’t bombarded with adverts every time you view a new page, which is actually quite refreshing. I have always found booking a holiday a stressful process in the past because it involved slogging to the nearest shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon with the whole family. Once we did get to the travel agents it was so busy that we had to wait an hour, and after arguing with each other about what we wanted from our holiday, we were easily worn down by the travel agent and pressured into booking something that wasn’t entirely suited to us as a family. Thanks to the internet we can now all research the flights, hotels and look up discount codes online at the same time and from the comfort of our own home with a cup of tea and a biscuit, which makes the entire process that much easier. Below is a small amount of light viewing in terms of an advert you may have seen on TV for Low Cost Holidays. I hope you enjoy it,




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